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  Zhe LU

Graduate Student, Zhejiang University, 2006

Education and training

2002.10-2006.6  B.S. , in Biology Sciences, College of Life Sciences,
          Zhejiang University
2006.9-2007.7  Graduate student, College of Life Sciences, Zhejiang University
       Joined the Sperm Laboratory as an international collaborative research group.
       (International Collaborative Project between China and Croatia Governments,
        Jan. 1, 2006-Dec. 31, 2007)

Research interests:

My research interests mainly focus on the signal pathway and mechanisms of human diseases, such as cancer and neurosystem diseases.


2002-2003  The First Prize of Excellent Undergraduate Scholarship;
                    The honor of “Merit Student”;
2003-2004  The Second Prize of Excellent Students in Physical Training;
2004-2005  The Second Prize of the specialized scholarship of Excellent
                   The First Prize of the National Science Scholarship”.

Projects (As a main participant):

1. Genetic characterisation of the Croatian sheep breed based on microsatellite and
mtDNA data. International Collaborative Project between China and Croatia
Governments, 2006-2007

2. Regional and time-related variability of chromosomal aneuploidies in human sperm.
International Collaborative Project between Chinese and Hungarian Governments,

3. The molecular mechanism of a kinesin motor during spermiogenesis of Chinese
mitten crab Eriocheir sinensis. National Nature Science Fundation of China, No.

4. Sperm cryopreservation of three economic fishes in Ningbo area and its effect on
the fertility and embryo hatching. International Collaborative Project between Science
and Technology Bureau of Ningbo City and Szent Istvan University.
No. 2006C10044,  2006- 2008.

Brief description

I love my parents who give life to me;
I appreciate my teachers who equipped me with precious knowledge;
I love life which is so wonderful.
I will delicate all my life to the biology research and hope one day all
the human beings will benefit from my future research.
My hobbies: traveling, reading, listening to the Chinese pop music.
My motto: There is a will, there is a way.

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