Dr. Nan-Shan Du,the 98 years old professor, was surrounded by his students in Huashan Hospital on Aug. 6, 2014. Prof. Du is one of the most famous crustacean biologists in the world,
his books "Carcinology" (Vol 1 and 2), which was published in late 1980s, are very popular in Asia up to dates. His graduate students distributed all around the world, most of them do
basic and applied carcinology research in China, USA and Europe. From left to right: Dr. Qun Wang, Dr. Xian-Jiang Kang, Dr. Li-Qiao Chen, Prof. Nan-Shan Du, Dr. Yu-Feng Wang,
Dr. Lan Wang, Dr. Wan-Xi Yang, and Dr. Gao-Feng Qiu.